Collegiate Teaching
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Eastman School of Music

        As an assistant professor of music education in the department of music teaching and learning, I take part in shaping the future music teachers, music educators, scholars, and leaders of tomorrow. For more information please view my ​ CV .
Fall 2017

"History and Philosophy of Music Education Seminar"
In this seminar, graduate students discussed topics related to the historical development of the field of music education as well as the philosophical underpinnings that have guided such decisions throughout the year. In this discussion-based course, students also completed presentations and took part in weekly musicking experiences, such as shape-note singing.
"Classroom Instruments" 
Instruments that could be used in general music classrooms were surveyed as part of this course (e.g., ocarina, harmonica, recorder, guitar, ukelele, gamelan, percussion, etc.). Students also developed skills playing guitars and ukeleles, arranging music for instruments, and writing grant proposals to purchase instruments.

"Student Teaching Seminar Vocal/General" 
I led the seminar associated with the vocal/general student teaching experience. Topics included interviewing, curriculum, resumes, assessment, and more.

"Student Teaching Observation - Vocal/General" 
I observed senior student teachers in elementary and secondary vocal and general music settings.

Spring 2018

"Elementary General Methods"
I provided music instruction to preschool students and organized opportunities for students in the "Music Education for Children" course to also lead activities.
Pictured: Discussing repertoire choices for Pre-K students in "Music Education for Children"
Ithaca College     

        As a visiting assistant professor (vocal general), I was able to help shape future music educators. For more information please view my ​ CV . I was also invited to teach their special learners graduate course.

"Music Education for the Learner with Special Needs"
As a part of the summer master's program, I was invited to teach this course to help to guide inservice teachers (graduate students) in conversations regarding best practices and necessary considerations for teaching music to students with with special needs. 

"Music Education for Children"
I helped prepare preservice music teachers to teach general music to Pre-K-6th grade students. Students also assisted with providing music to children in a Head Start program
"Student Teaching Vocal General" 
In addition to providing direct music instruction, I provided feedback to preservice music teachers during their junior student teaching experiences in Pre-K-2 elementary general classroom settings.

"Student Teaching Vocal General Seminar" 
I co-taught the seminar associated with the vocal general junior student teaching experience.

Head Start
I provided music instruction to preschool students and organized opportunities for students in the "Music Education for Children" course to also lead activities.
Pictured: Standing with students from the "Music for Classroom Teachers" Course
The Pennsylvania State University     

        As a teaching assistant at Penn State, I had the opportunity to assist with, teach, and lecture in a wide variety of courses. I have highlighted a few examples here. For more information please view my ​ CV .
"Elementary General/Choral Methods"
I provided feedback to preservice teachers for elementary classroom teachers and as a student teaching supervisor.
"Teaching Music to Students with Special Needs" 
I played an integral role in developing course content at Penn State for teaching music to students with special needs. I taught a course a, unit I delivered each fall, and provided presentations in the department as requested. 

"Music for Classroom Teachers" 
I provided instruction for three years in this course for preservice elementary teachers. This experience prepared me to help build confidence in preservice elementary teachers to use music in their future classrooms. Together, we provided music classes to preschool students once per week.

"Teaching Diverse Musical Cultures" 
This course opened my eyes to a diverse array of musical experiences and I had the opportunity to present about "Music in Deaf Culture."