Research Topics and Sessions
How Music Teacher Education Programs Prepare Teachers to Work with Diverse Populations    

Instrumental Opportunities: Providing Music for All
    Lead author: Dr. Linda Thornton (Penn State)
    Co-presenter: Julia Grossmann (Penn State)

The Relationship Between Phonological Awareness and Music Aptitude in Elementary Students with Speech Sound Disorders
How Speech-Language Pathologists Incoroporate Musical Elements to Improve Speech Sounds

A Longitudinal Investigation of Phonological Awareness and Music Aptitude

Building Preservice Elementary Classroom Teachers’ Self-Efficacy to Use Music
   Lead author: Yo-Jung Han (Appalachian State University)

An Exploration of Recent Approaches to Research in Music Education
    Lead author: Dr. Joanne Rutkowski (Penn State)
    Research team: Yo-Jung Han (Appalachian State University), Lindsay J. Fulcher (Ball State), Anne-Marie Hildebrandt (Penn State),  
    Mackinlay S. Himes (Penn State), Dr. Daniel J. Shevock (Penn State, Altoona), and Kristina R. Weimer (Penn State)                                                                     
The Relationship Between Phonological Awareness and Music Aptitude

A Qualitative Investigation of Speech-Language Pathologists' and Music Educators' Techniques

Comparing the Techniques of Music Educators and Speech-Language Pathologists

The Use of Musical Techniques by Speech-Language Pathologists to Improve Phonological Processes (Speech Sounds)

The Treatment of Race and Society in the Vocal Lines of Selected Compositions by Three African-American Art Song Composers

The Development of a Quantitative Music Skills Test to Diagnose the Tonal Music Reading Abilities of Female High School Choral Students